Pay for your loved ones' phone bills

Make the value move with Chimoney

Chimoney is a new solution that lets you pay for your loved ones' phone bills, whenever and wherever you want.

Pay Phone Bills
Make it easy for you family and friends to stay connected
Chimoney is the easiest way to pay your friends' and family's telephone bills.
Pay Phone Bills Feature:

Make it easy to support your friends' and family members' busy lifestyles

Chimoney makes it easy to support your friends and family members who are busy with work, school or traveling.

Chimoney makes it easy to everyone to send and spend on what they love  on their phone.
Pay Phone Bills Feature:

Pay 1000's of phone bills in one click

Win more friends for life or event attendees with Chimoney's bulk payout feature. With Chimoney, you can pay your friend's phone bill one time, or regularly schedule payments to them.

Pay, make a payment, send money or what we call "make value move" at Chimoney to everyone in the world is quick and easy. The receiver will get it immediately.
Pay Phone Bills Feature:

Keep in touch with your family and friends

Chimoney is the easiest way to send money to your family and friends. We let you pay phone bills for them or transfer money which can be redeemed as gift cards and crypto in just a matter of minutes. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home or office.

Send gift cards, send crypto, send rewards, send airtime, and pay phone bills with Chimoney to ensure both senders and receivers are happy.

Pay phone bills in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Easy Access

How to use Chimoney - Step 1. Sign up Chimoney for free or login by Google account.

Create a free Chimoney account or sign in with Google to pay phone bills.

Step 2

Fast Selections

How to use Chimoney - Step 2. Select online gift options to send with Chimoney. It's all by default. Chimoney can redeemed in online gift cards, crypto, airtime, and phone bills.

Input the amount of value and select the phone bills options (or all by default)!

Step 3

Hit send

How to use Chimoney - Step 3. One last click to send gift cards, send crypto, send rewards, send event swag, send airtime, and pay phone bills.

Enter email(s) of the receiver(s) to send in bulk. Click 'Pay' and you're done!

Send and receive exactly is needed

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Recurring Gifting

Set up a group of employees, family members, or charities to automatically receive Chimoney on a recurring basis.

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Engage Simply

Run team contests and reward them with Chimoney – a flexible gift that everyone will love.

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Spend Freely

Exchange for gift cards, digital currencies, airtime, phone bill or hold it as is. Chimoney never expires! Chimoney is a gift that fits all.

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Fast Redeem

Receivers can redeem the gift instantly. Celebrate in a timely manner.

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Send in Bulk

Send to 1 or 1000s of recipients in just 1 click.

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Send Globally

Buy Chimoney for yourself or send to your program participants, winners, friends or family, no matter where they live.

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