Corporate gift is gift given to clients or business partners to enhance relationship. Here are the best corporate gifts ideas.

What is a corporate gift and what are the best corporate gifts ideas?

October 3, 2021

There are many reasons to give corporate gifts. When done right, they can be a huge return on investment for the business. But what is a corporate gift and how do you find the best corporate gifts ideas?

What is a corporate gift?

A corporate gift is something that you give to another company, someone within your company, or external parties, such as clients, business partners, and prospects, who have done and will do something beneficial for your organization. It can also be given as a token of appreciation. There are many different types of corporate gifts that you could give, including promotional items, personalize gifts, food baskets, spa certificates, and non-food baskets. And it's usually the one thing that may not be easily purchased by the company or business.

Why do companies give corporate gifts?

A corporate gift is a present given by an individual or business to another individual or business, with the intention of creating goodwill. Gifting is a perfect way to make a lasting impression of the values, interests, and achievements of the organization and the people within it. They are a tangible expression of the feelings and character of the business or organization.

It is not surprising to see why corporate gifting has become a significant culture for many companies, regardless of the types and sizes. It helps that you have a strong brand with an easily identifiable image and identity. Thinking of corporate gifts for employees as an example, it gives them a feeling of being supported and reinforces that they are part of a team.

The trend of corporate gifts

If you’re in the business of designing corporate gifts and other items, you’ll notice the growing trend of corporate gifts. The best gifts allow for a smooth transition from a printable business card to an instant online presence. For many small businesses, changing from a printable business card to an online presence can be a hassle, which is why it is a great idea to consider a corporate gift that allows the recipient to immediately redeem in a few clicks. Through one click on an email, the recipient can access hundreds of options that fit their needs, as well as enjoy all the features of the corporate gift.

The best corporate gift ideas

To choose the best corporate gift for your business needs, start by asking these three questions: Who will be receiving the gift? What are their interests? Where do they live?

Gift ideas for employees

The concept of corporate gift ideas for employees is usually a token of appreciation for the employee's hard work during the year. It can also serve as a reward for an employee's strong performance at work. There are many different types of corporate gifts that you can give, but it can be hard to decide what type of corporate gift would be appropriate for your company. Given the fact that with the current business structure involving remote work, there are added challenges to gifting. While popular corporate gifts in Canada include online gift cards for top businesses such as Best Buy, Starbucks, and Amazon, to let them buy what they want, the spa gift cards are given to encourage employees to relax during special occasions too. Got traders in the workstation? Try Chimoney to send crypto as a gift without having your own wallet.

Gift ideas for clients

The holidays are a great time to show appreciation for your clients and customers. It’s also a great opportunity to build business relationships with those you want to work with in the future. Hence, t’s important to choose the right corporate gift for your recipients. You want something that will make them feel special and appreciated. We encourage you to choose to give or send gift cards that are aligned with your clients’ lifestyle and preferences. Moreover, it should be something that they have the flexibility to use immediately or at a later time.

Gift ideas for business partners

Chances are that most companies you deal with already have partners or suppliers. They are probably people you have been in business with for a long time, so they should be familiar with your offerings and fit into your preferred sphere of customer segment. In this situation, a gift is less about the monetary value of the gift and more about highlighting the relationship between you and your business partner. Similar to corporate gift ideas for clients, your business partner’s needs may change.

How Chimoney can help

A corporate gift for a business should be personalized and meaningful. At Chimoney, we strive to help businesses and individuals who wish to gift something truly unique and meaningful to the ones they care about. Our platform is designed to take away the hard work of selecting, buying, and keeping track of your corporate gift stock. We let you send “a gift everything” or “flexible gifting”, so you can focus on being creative with your choices. Let Chimoney handles all your corporate gift ideas for employees and any business prospects, while you can sit back and relax, knowing Chimoney receivers enjoy what they received.


There are many reasons for giving corporate gifts, and the selection process can be tedious. A strong selection of the best business gift ideas is essential to ensure the ultimate success of the corporation and its gift-giving strategy. No matter if you are planning to send a corporate gift to your employees, clients, or business partners, try Chimoney to stay ahead of gifting trends and make everyone “happy”.

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October 3, 2021