ChiSpend by Chimoney is an xApp on XUMM Wallet. Pay with crypto is real, quick, and easy. Spend crypto on 300+ options of products.

Introducing ChiSpend: The easiest way to spend XRP on products and services on XUMM Wallet and unleash the utility of XRP

December 1, 2021

The world is going cashless. We no longer need to carry around a bunch of coins and paper bills to make a purchase, and we can already easily exchange one crypto for another in our favorite wallet.

With ChiSpend (Beta), you can now spend your crypto on top trending products and services right from inside your XUMM Wallet – the wallet you use and love! The great news is that you don't even need to leave your XUMM Wallet app or XRP ecosystem to spend on what you like or send gifts to your friends or family – no matter where they are. Simply scan the ChiSpend QR code or open the ChiSpend xApp (mini-app) on XUMM to get started. We've built ChiSpend to unleash the utility of XRP and possible earnings in the metaverse where you can spend crypto for products and services you need in your country right inside the wallet you use and love. Here's how it works.

ChiSpend UI.  Spend crypto on airtime, mobile money, gift cards, and pay with crypto to non-profits
Spend Crypto onGift Card, Mobile Money, Airtime and more

What is ChiSpend?

ChiSpend on XUMM is an xApp – a special term meaning a web app, embedded in XUMM Wallet for a great user experience. From xApps like ChiSpend, the end users have more possibilities to perform tasks on XRPL and beyond.

Currently we’re launching ChiSpend beta public project to enhance the experience of XUMM Wallet users to send or “spend” on our extensive, evolving selection of top trending gift cards from all over the world, airtime in 13 countries, and mobile money in 5 countries with your XRP without going back to fiat or bank. – Aren’t these ‘good’ enough? Well, you have an option to pay to support the charities or organizations on ChiSpend xApp too!

ChiSpend UI. Use ChiSpend to spend crypto on products and services. Built for everyone's preferences.
ChiSpend UI

How does it work?

First, download the XUMM Wallet from the Play store or App store

To use ChiSpend xApp, scan this QR code or click on this link and pick from our selection of 300+ Gift cards, Mobile money, Airtime and then pay with your current balances.

Scan QR Code to access the ChiSpend xApp

After interacting with ChiSpend for the first time, you can use the ChiSpend xApp again by clicking the “xApps” button in the middle of your wallet menu bar.

What can I do with  ChiSpend xApp?

Spending crypto has never been easy. With ChiSpend xApp, you can use cryptocurrency to

  • Buy food
  • Pay for an online subscription
  • Pay with crypto for global remittances
  • Book a fun experience
  • Book a trip with crypto
  • Pay your bills with crypto
  • Donate to support charities
  • And more to come 

All of these can be done within your XUMM Wallet without converting or withdrawing crypto in between.

We support the following countries:

  • Gift Cards: Global
  • Airtime: Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia
  • Mobile Money: Kenya, Ghana and Uganda

Which coins or crypto can I spend on ChiSpend?

We believe in community and creativity, and you should live freely in this new digital age. At this beta launch, you can enjoy spending on ChiSpend products and services with XRP, and more supported coins are just around the corner. 

If you ever wonder how to pay with cryptocurrency for goods and services, here’s the new world. Best of all, ChiSpend is a payment method that doesn't require additional signups or login. This means you can spend on your favorite shops, restaurants, delivery apps, marketplace, send these products and services to anyone in the world – by knowing only their emails, and show your support through paying for charities selection in ChiSpend xApp. All of these can be done your with XRP balance in the XUMM Wallet.

Why use ChiSpend?

There are so many “good” reasons for spending on something goods, from spending for yourself and sending gift cards or airtime to your loved ones, to supporting non-profit organizations around the world. That’s why ChiSpend is used and loved by people and crypto lovers.


Are you receiving cryptocurrencies for your earnings in this ever-emerging world? Instead of converting your crypto assets into cash when you want to use it to buy products and services, now you can say good-bye to the old traditional way because you have ChiSpend.


With ChiSpend beta public, you can pay with XRP to spend on products and services like gift cards, including Amazon, Ubereats, Burgerking, and 300 others, airtime, mobile money, and even gift charities!


Sorry that you won’t stay with us any long on any transactions because the transactions on ChiSpend are extremely fast. And yes, it’s fast on both sides. You will experience a fast spending on products and services – just click to select which token you want to spend and on which product. If you plan to send a gift to someone, it can be done without any hassles as you only need the receiver’s email address. This saves time a lot because you don’t need to prepare the information like name, phone number or any other addresses. Finally, your gift receiver will receive it in a matter of a few seconds.

Buy with crypto. Spend XRP on gift cards and send to everyone in the world. The options are endless and loved by everyone.
Spend Crypto on on Gift cards


Your experience is important for us, and we’ve worked so hard to provide an effortless solution for you to pay with cryptocurrency right inside your XUMM Wallet. Share us your feedback through any contact channels or click the messenger button on the bottom left of this Chimoney website. We are committed to listen and improve our products to deliver the best to you.

ChiSpend xApp (beta public) will be open for you to try and test from today with more updates launching by January 1, 2022. If you’re sharing your experience on social media, make sure to include hashtag #SpendWithChi to let us know how you like it.


For XUMM Wallet users,  it's now easier and quicker to send and spend your XRP on favorite, popular products and services without leaving your wallet or converting processes. This is because you have ChiSpend xApp (beta). 

Users who already have XUMM Wallet can just click this link to start your dream spending, from products and services to supporting non-profit organizations. We’re talking about 300+ options of gift cards and more in the near future. 

If you ever wonder “How to use crypto?” and “where can I pay with crypto”, just open your XUMM Wallet, so you can start enjoying the benefits of having one, including enabling ChiSpend to be a part of your spend-freely life. And if you don't have the wallet, please, let’s register your XUMM Wallet – which takes less than 3 minutes and join what we’re so proud of.

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December 1, 2021