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Chimoney is all about giving you the best experience in giving online gifts, rewards, event swag, paying in bulk, or sending value to 1 to 1000s of recipients in the simplest way possible – by having only their emails on hand.

We empower event organizers, companies, and individuals around the world to engage with the ones they care about with our smart financial & gifting solutions. What we are most proud of about Chimoney is that recipients can choose to redeem the value between event swag, cash, crypto, airtime, phone bills payments, and many other benefits they would have loved to have.

How Chimoney was born as an event swag

Our story begins back when Uchi Uchibeke, Chimoney’s CEO and the Founder of AfricaHacks (Startup Sandbox Program) tried to find the best way to issue airtime/credit for internet subscriptions to all event participants of AfricaHacks 2020 to “increase attendance and engagement” seeding the next generation of tech enthusiasts. During the event, it turned out the solution they built needed at least four payment APIs, but the participants had only one option to receive meaning that the given value was useless for some cases. Moreover, as an event organizer, there was no transparency about expenses.

“The challenge”

People got the value/ items they didn’t want.
Many participants didn’t receive airtime because location coverage of the APIs was limited. 
•  Apart from the airtime, trending names like virtual event swag, cash, crypto, gift cards, and holding Chimoney forever popped up! 
•  It’s not easy to reconcile failed vs. successful vs. disbursed vs. user-credited transactions. This frustrated the organizers as it cost almost $10k in airtime credit and days of integration.
What about bulk gift cards as the easiest way to send out?
“The solution – Say Hello to Chimoney!”

This must stop, Uchi said to himself. He’s still at the Hackathon, and he starts hacking on this idea called Chimoney (Uchi-Money, if you like!). The concept is super simple; It should enable seamless gifting and exchange of value for community members at Hackathons that we organize! An event organizer or even an employer should click a button and send Chimoney as an event swag to participants, employees, or others. The receiver should be able to redeem airtime, cash, crypto, hold Chimoney, or other value instantly. Chimoney lets people send the value and receive it with happiness.

• As an event organizer or employer, we can quickly issue Chimoney, and we can be confident that our budget will not be exceeded.
• Bulk gift cards or bulk payments can be issued easily with only the email address.
• As a receiver, we are not tied to an item or credit we don’t want or need. Chimoney gives us various options including having it grow once redeemed for crypto or we can hold Chimoney forever.
• There’s price transparency policed by the receiver of Chimoney.

Give your people a reason to show up by giving them a reward that they can spend, send, and save.
Simply create an account and instantly gift and engage.

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